A Warrior’s Sword

February 9, 2009

swordThe most effective piece of armor to be used against any enemy is the warrior’s sword.  Unfortunately, for most Christians, I would daresay this is the one piece of armor that is rarely used, and if used, used effectively.  Truly, the sword for the Christian Warrior is to be that of  “he sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”  But for most of us, we do not know what this means?

So as a Christian Warrior, using our weaponry can be tricky if not properly trained.  Sure, anyone can quote a Scripture verse from memory, and many do so, attempting to swat at the spiritual enemy as if it were merely a fly.  There’s a difference in using that type of approach versus using the Christian Warrior approach.  We have to remember that when Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesians, especially the passage we are discussing, Ephesians 6:10-20, war was a bit more personal.

Unlike the current wars where the weapons are designed for warfare from a distance, the warfare of Paul’s day was up close and personal.  When the enemy was at your doorstep, they were literally at your doorstep.  Because of the types of societies in those days, you always had to be on your guard and ready to fight if needed.  Today, we have become a bit more sociable, of course I am using those words lightly.  Granted, there are pockets of our world where the type of environment Paul was afflicted with still exists, for most American and even some of the more modern era countries, the idea of hand to hand combat is something you read about in the history books.

In spiritual warfare, the enemy is at our doorstep.  For those of us who are Christian Husbands or Christian Fathers, this war is a daily one.  Unfortunately, the enemy has succeeded in training most of us to be either too busy with our work, or too skeptical of the “hype” of  spiritual warfare.  As a result, many of our fellow warriors have fallen after being injured by the enemies most common weaponry.  Some have fallen to greed, others to lust, others to rage, some to adultery, and yet the list goes on.  Somehow, over the past century, the Christian Men, Christian Husbands & Christian Fathers have allowed the enemy to gain ground.  We have an unreal statistic of the number of children growing up fatherless, another statistic that is more in favor of divorce than long marriages, and the list goes on.  Why has this happened?  Part of the reason is due to the Christian Warriors of the former years not knowing how to effectively wield their sword.

The Sword Itself

Let’s look at the sword as a weapon and it’s relation to the spiritual warfare we, as Christian Warriors find ourselves exposed to daily.  The next series of post will cover the uses of Scripture in the daily life of every Christian Warrior.

The Handle

The Guard

The Blade

Join us as we continue to discuss how today’s Christian Men can step up and become the Christian Warrior their family, friends, work, and community need them to be.

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About the Writer:

Trent Cotton has spent a number of years in management and business consulting. After spending some time in the field, he joined the HR department, beginning in recruiting and eventually serving as the Department Head of HR for one of the major lines of business. With such a varied background, he works to bring all of these together to help churches and other Christian organizations incorporate some common business practices into their ministries to enable them to better serve the Kingdom. He currently works for SourcePointe, an HR Outsourcing Agency while continuing to own and operate Christian Management Consulting as a ministry. In his free time, he also writes a lot on Church Development as a Church Consultant.

As a husband and father of three, Trent Cotton has a passion surrounding the role Christian Men are to play in their families, communities, churches and businesses.  This particular blog is dedicated to helping men take back the role that we have lost in society.


  1. I like the approach to this article. We are called to put on the full armor of God. Not parts of the armor, but the full armor. We are also told that the Word of God is our sword and to properly wield that sword, we must regularly be in the Word. Thanks for a great article.

    • Thank you for your kind words Rich.

  2. True words, some true words dude. Made my day!

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