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Book Review: Crazy Love

April 21, 2010

If you are looking for a book to sink your teeth into, Crazy Love would definitely be one for you to consider picking up.

Francis takes his readers through an in-depth, sometimes uncomfortable, look at the relationship we have with God.  This is not another one of those Christian self-help books, rather, one that leaves the reader asking more questions about their relationship with Christ.

Personally, before reading the book, I felt pretty good about where I stood in my faith walk.  By chapter 4, my world had been shaken and I found myself convicted I was not “all in” as I thought I was.  What changed?

  • I realized I was serving my “leftovers” to God in my prayer life, relationship, and intimacy
  • My anxiety is really seen as arrogance and pride to God
  • The things I thought were “good things to do” for my faith had replaced the intimate relationship Christ wants from me.
  • A prayer as I drift off to sleep should not be the only time I speak with my Savior.  I should be in constant conversation with Him and include Him in every aspect of my life.

These are only a couple of the revelations I had while going through this book with my discipleship group.  In fact, I have reread this book twice now and each time, I have taken a deeper look at what my relationship with Christ requires.

If you should decide to read Crazy Love, I would only offer this advice, “Wear your helmet.”  Granted, there are chapters that will hurt your feelings, but all in all, I am more convicted now to seek intimacy with Christ and not just go through the motions.

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