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The Power-Based Life by Mike Flynt

January 1, 2011

 If you are like me, you find the beginning of a new year an opportunity to take inventory, make plans, and set goals.  The Power-Based Life by Mike Flynt is a great addition to this New Year’s tradition. 

Personally, I usually judge a book by how long it takes me to get through it and how well it keeps my attention.   This book was one I completed in a day and a half.  I found it easy to read and relate to the examples Flynt gave. 

In addition to being a great read, it provides a great wealth of Scriptural support for this power based life strategy.  Throughout the book, you are challenged to take a hard look at yourself and take an inventory of areas needing improvement. 

One of the most unique or gripping passages for me was the section where Flynt encourages the reader to focus solely on their strength.  He uses the story of a pitching coach who asked one of the pitchers he was coaching to focus solely on his best pitch and not “waste” time working on the others.  The end result?  This pitcher went on to have his best year ever.  It left me thinking of what my “sweet spot” is and how I can work to elevate that in 2011. 

If you are looking for a good book to pick up, I’d highly encourage you to consider The Power-Based Life.