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Average Joe

December 14, 2011

The unfortunate truth is that the majority of Christian men are average at best in their pursuit for Christ’s heart. In reading through Scripture, we often tend to think that the great men of the Bible were somehow ordained with some greater gifts than we are.  In the book “Average Joe”, the author explores this lightly and provides numerous stories.  He shares his own experiences as well as the stories of ordinary men he’s known throughout his life.  A lot of these stories serve as  great examples of staying the course.

It is an easy read and I would encourage anyone looking for some great stories of ordinary men being used for God’s plan to read this book.


Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing

December 13, 2011

I recently read “Jolt!Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing” and to be honest, I was not all that impressed.  I felt the book was slightly light on substance.  Although it was well written in terms of ease of reading, I just found myself struggling to get any depth out of the content.

I would have to agree with other editorals that state, “I have read and reviewed literally hundreds of self-help books. Most have similar common themes, as does Phil Cooke’s JOLT!. Going through the phases of being able to accept yourself for who you are and looking inside to determine what your gift or passion is. The book discusses going over goals, how to prioritize personal events and how you operate at work. Many books go into the moral purpose of the individual along with their true faith, as does Cooke.”

If you’re looking for an easy read, I would suggest it, however, if you’re looking for something mind shattering, I would not recommend this book.


Be A Man of Christmas!

December 3, 2011

My family and I have some great friends who had a passion to bring the real meaning of Christmas back into families.

So, in their own words:

“As a parent there is nothing more exciting than watching your little ones get hyped-up about Christmas. You anxiously wait for this moment, from the time they are born…and then that special time finally arrives. Your children become eager to help put up the Christmas tree, string up colorful outdoor lights, and listen to catchy Christmas tunes. This is our story; this is our tale to tell: Our oldest daughter was four years old, and our middle son was three, and they were pumped for what Christmas had in store. As any good parent would do, we thought of all the possible fun and creative traditions we could start with our children. We specifically wanted ideas that would make an impact on their childhood. STRESS!!! We scattered our memories of our own personal childhood traditions, and also discussed with our closest friends, what they did for their children. On a four hour car trip to the coast, my husband and I started brainstorming. We talked about Santa, elves, making homemade candies and cakes, but there was one thing we both agreed on. We wanted to teach our children the true meaning of Christmas, and instill in them values that would last a lifetime. Before you know it, The Christmas Angel idea literally fell into our laps! I jotted our creative thoughts onto a notepad that I was using for last minute gift ideas. The concept was certainly God-inspired, and this inspiration will stay in our hearts forever.”

My wife and I were on board immediately not only because the creators were friends, but also because we had a similar disdain for how the Christmas story has gotten muffled by the noise of the world.  So, this year, we were so excited to introduce the Christmas Angel to our family as a new tradition.  Of course, as Christ always does, our family time has become something we never would have thought of.

We decided to do the Countdown to Christmas plan on in conjunction with our Christmas Angel nightly.  So, every night, we spend some time going through God’s Word and praying as a family.  Sadly enough, we were surprised how excited the kids have become with this new tradition, almost nagging us every thirty minutes to have Bible Story time.  This is shadowed greatly by the wonderful conversations and teaching we have been able to experience, not to mention the gut wrenching, innocent prayers our children have offered up in the process.

So, my Man Challenge for you?  Check out the Christmas Angel, order one, and begin a new tradition in your family.  You can go to and pick one of the countdown plans for Christmas and make this time a priority with your family.  You’ll see some pretty amazing results:

  • Closeness with Christ
  • Closeness with your wife
  • Your children will bond with you
  • You take your family back!

My family and I sincerely hope you have an amazing Christmas!

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