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Happy Feet- What Has YOU Choked Up?

June 15, 2009

Happy Feet is just a great movie all the way around.  Having so many dimensions in this movie that could apply to Christian life, I thought it best to start out with one character who was just that… a character!

Robin Williams in just about any role is going to guarantee some over the top acting and incredible one-liners.

The charismatic character Lovelace provides us a great avenue for discipleship with our children.  If you have seen the movie, you will remember that Lovelace is the area’s latest guru or “Wisdom Attraction.”  He claims to have been taken by aliens and bestowed the gift of wisdom from them in the form of a necklace-or as you can see from the picture, more like a coke can ring.

As the main character searches for his own understanding of the world, we learn more about this Lovelace as he serves as guide to the land where the aliens took him and bestowed this knowledge.  As it turns out, Lovelace reveals the truth about his necklace and claims to wisdom.  Rather than the gift being bestowed upon him, it was something that he swam into and developed a story around.  In reality, the one thing that had given him so much fame was now choking the life out of him.

So what lessons could we talk to our children about?

1.  Everyone has something in their life that they develop a “story” to explain. In Matthew 23:28, Jesus tells the Pharisees of the day, “28In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”  It seems our little friend Lovelace would fall into this category, although he didn’t appear to be all that wicked.  Like many of us, Lovelace developed a grandiose story of how we developed a weakness.  In our day, many people seek out “wisdom” from individuals who have such apparent flaws rather than seeking wisdom that comes from Christ.  Encourage your children to remember that it is through our weakness that we are made strong.  Christ can do amazing things with those things in our lives we see as being failures or obstructions.

2.  Eventually, lies will come to choke you. I was told early in life that when you lie, you must tell five more to cover it up.  Looking back through my years, I can definitely see where this saying is true.  Proverbs 12:19 says it best,

19 Truthful lips endure forever,
but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.”

You most likely can think of people in your life or in the public eye whose lies eventually caught up with them.  As I think of a couple who have recently been debunked by their own lies, I realize that they too had begun to be choked by the lies they were living.  Use Lovelace to help explain this life lesson about lying and the repercussions this sin sows into our lives.

3.  The Truth changes lives. One of the more poignant developments in this movie is the race to save Lovelace from the death grip of his “necklace.”  In one of the scenes, the coke ring is snapped and a revived Lovelace takes the stage yet again.  He becomes free of his captor as well as free from his lie.  Isn’t the same true in our own lives when we embrace the truth that is Christ and confess the lies that are choking our lives?  Our children must understand that although we will be offered fame and attention by lying about various aspects of our lives, eventually, like Lovelace, we will no longer receive life from those ways.  It is only through the honest confession of those sins/lies in our lives and the embracing of Christ’ truth that we can be free.

As a dad, I love using everything I can to help teach solid Christian values to my children.  One of the things I have quickly learned as a father is the world uses television to “proselytize”  to our children right under our noses.  The movie Happy Feet presents fathers a great opportunity to teach about several Christian values in a way that will hopefully speak to your child on their level.

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