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September 4, 2009 edition of Christ Men Blogcarnival

September 30, 2009

Bible SEO presents Joseph: Bible Character Study posted at Bible Studies | Bible Study Lessons | Inductive Bible Study Guide.

Joseph-Egypt-300x254He was seventeen years old. He was a shepherd. He did not participate in his brothers’ misconducts. In fact, he brought reports of their mischief to his father. He was the favorite of Jacob. Jacob loved him more than all his brothers. Jacob made a coat of many colors for him.  His brothers hated him for this reason and could not even talk with him well.
Who does this describe?  Joseph!  There’s a lot we, as men, could learn from the life of Joseph.  Be sure to check out this great Bible study on this intriguing character!

Rick Schiano presents Let Go, for Mental Peace posted at Ricks Victory Blog.

Letting go in the mental category! Now that’s not quite as simple as the physical category! It’s really easy to retain the negative in life. Let’s face it the whole world lives in the negative. Television is basically negative look at most shows. There’s plenty of murder, sarcastic humor, and sadness. Commercials basically try to motivate the buyer by fear. You need to get the flu shot now or you may die or  get sick with out it. Fear runs rampant in  our society. The news is basically depressing and sad; there is very little good news to be found on the major networks, in the newspapers and on the radio.

Michael Holmes presents How Kanye West taught me about God?s forgiveness posted at Raise Thee Up Blog.


Michael Holmes, one of my personal favorites, is back again!  From Michael: I’ve learned a lot from this whole Kanye West-Taylor Swift incident. I learned about the pride of one superstar and the character of another.  I learned how God can use adversity from my good. I also learned how unforgiving people can be. I mean, everybody knows Kanye messed up. And we all know he’s messed up before. And even though he apologized most of us still want him crucified. Is it any wonder we have trouble believing God can forgive us?

Anthony Delgado presents One on One Time With the Lord posted at eInquisitive | Giving you something productive to think about!.

This post isn’t specific to Christian men, but I find that when my relationship with God suffers, as the man in my household, my entire household suffers. Spiritually leading a family starts with a personal relationship with God.

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