Colorful Personality- Lavender "The Watcher"

October 25, 2008

If you are lavender, you are calm, cool, slow, easygoing, and are a well-balanced temperament. Lavenders are happy, unexcited, and pleasant but avoid involvement as much as possible. Lavenders never get ruffled, have high tolerance, keep emotions under control, and are consistent. This temperament is kindhearted, sympathetic but seldom reveals their true feelings. They have a dry sense of humor, which keeps people laughing. They make fun of people and have an ability to imitate others. They are often annoyed by the yellow temperament, make fun of the blue temperament, and love to burst the bubble of the red temperament. They are spectators in life. It is difficult to get a lavender to change their daily routine. A lavender’s philosophy is, “This is terrible! Why doesn’t somebody fix it?” But underneath the timid, introverted, calm temperament they can be a capable leader. They are extremely competent and efficient. They are usually a reluctant leader. People usually have to approach a lavender to perform a task or to get involved because lavenders, by nature, do not volunteer. They are peacemakers, help others fulfill their dreams, and are masters at anything that requires meticulous precision and patience.

Habit – They are predictable, slow drivers, and like to relax. They are usually the last ones to finish eating. They rarely gain weight because they eat so slow. They are extremely accurate and are excellent bookkeepers.

Work – They are drawn to the field of education (elementary) because of their patience. They provide an ideal place for learning. Other occupations are librarians, math, physics, languages, engineers, and surgeons. Lavenders have excellent mechanical aptitude making them excellent carpenters, mechanics, tool-and-die specialists, electricians, and craftsman. They make excellent foreman, supervisors and managers. They work well with others. They are well- organized, never unprepared, work well under pressure, and are extremely dependable. They are not risk takers. They will stay with a company all their life. Rarely do lavenders live up to their full potential because they are scared to fail at life. They struggle with personal insecurity. They are content and live a simple life-style.

Biblical lavenders – Abraham was a lavender! He is an example of how God can transform a person’s natural weakness into strength. Abraham’s fear, worry, and indecision became resolution, courage, and action. Abraham had to leave his comfort zone by the leading of the Holy Spirit. God told Abraham, “Now the Lord had said unto Abram, get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee (Genesis 12:1 King James Version). Abraham walked in faith with God but still had many insecurities of fear. Several times he lied about Sarah being his sister (LaHaye).

This information has been taken from Patty Fant’s book WHO AM I? For more information on the Color Signature Series, please contact Christian Management Consulting. We provide the test you would take to discover your Color Signature as well as provide training for you and your organization on how to use this information effectively. Please be sure to contact Christian Management Consulting for more information or to order the WHO AM I book by Patty Fant.



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About the Writer:


Trent Cotton has spent a number of years in management and business consulting. After spending some time in the field, he joined the HR department, beginning in recruiting and eventually serving as the Department Head of HR for one of the major lines of business. With such a varied background, he works to bring all of these together to help churches and other Christian organizations incorporate some common business practices into their ministries to enable them to better serve the Kingdom. He currently works for SourcePointe, an HR Outsourcing Agency while continuing to own and operate Christian Management Consulting as a ministry. In his free time, he also writes a lot on Church Development as a Church Consultant.



  1. I think in regard to temperament, I’m a lavendar (cool, calm). In social settings I can be a little yellow (just a big). I’m also red with leadership and a blue artist… I’m the whole crayon box! haha. Good work Trent.

  2. […] post, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the other end of the spectrum and delve into our Lavender […]

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