SERVANT Leadership

October 6, 2008

Over the next couple of posts, we are going to discover the characteristics of a SERVANT leader. Why servant and leader in the same sentence? Well, I consider Christ to be an extraordinary leader. After all, he was God in the flesh, so He had to be providing us a road map on successful leadership through His service not only to the Father, but also to those around him.

First, let’s look at a nice analogy for this SERVANT acronym we are going to explore.

Guitar Illustration

  • A guitar has several strings that all work together to make a chord.
  • All of the strings have to be tuned perfectly in order to sound right. If one is out, even if the others are right, it will sound off key.
  • Applying pressure to certain strings will make different sounds for different songs

Guitar Application

  • Each of these characteristics have to work together to breed Leadership
  • All of these have to be “tuned” correctly as well. You cannot be too heavy in one area because it may diminish another quality that is deeply needed as well.
  • Applying pressure to certain strengths will make different results for different situations

So let’s look at what SERVANT Leadership entails:








Be sure to keep up as we tackle the first of these… Strategic. We will look at both the strengths and weaknesses in having too much or too little of this trait. We will also explore the example Christ and the apostles left for us to follow.



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